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    It’s Hard…

    Living life with your mom thinking you will be a failure in life like my father, not supporting you in all of the greatest achievements that you think would be worthy of her praise,  and having her breath down your back as if you’re always doing something wrong. She works her butt off to pay for my education and everything and i try to return back the favor by doing so much already in my first year with school and my social life, however it seems nothing pleases her. It really makes me want to cry every-time I come home with a big achievement and she shrugs it off like it was something so easy to obtain… I worked my butt off in life to get to where I am… I would just like to have some recognition and approval from her that I’m not a failure… Heh, imagine if i tell her that I’m gay. That would definitely put me below my father in her ranks…. Excuse me while I go slap myself back into reality and tell myself that I’m worth something!

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    1. yourstrulyjustin said: If your mom is like my parents, she probably doesn’t understand the significant of those achievements. Explain to her. Like how hard it is to get it, how good you have to be, how few people can get it. Give her some anticipation before too.
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